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Network Issues Wivenhoe (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Internet Access

  • 26/10/2023 07:08
  • Last Updated 30/10/2023 09:43

We have been made aware by Lila there is currently issues with a switch in Wivenhie. They have dispatched an engineer to site to investigate the issue.

We will update this notification with more information as we get it.


Update - 26/10/2023 - 16:30 - We are aware from Lila that there are still issues on the network. They have engineeers onsite trying to resolve the issue.


Update - 26/10/2023 - 20:26 - Lila are stilling working on the issue. We would sugget that if you currently have a connection please do not restart your router or Lila box. We will update you as more information comes in.


Update - 27/10/2023 - 10:15 - We have just been advised that Lila will be conducting emergency maintenance at 12pm this afternoon. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Network Drops (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Internet Access

  • 23/10/2023 14:23
  • Last Updated 24/10/2023 16:07

We are currently aware of service drops outs. Engineers are currently looking at the issue.


Update - 17.36 - this issue has been identified and has been corrected.  We are currently monitoring the situation to ensure stability.

Connectivity Issues - 19 Oct 2023 (Resolved) High

Affecting Other - Internet Access

  • 19/10/2023 10:04 - 19/10/2023 00:00
  • Last Updated 19/10/2023 14:22

We are currently investigating connectivity issues in the Town Centre segment of the network. We apologise for any inconvience caused.

VX Maintenance (Resolved) Medium
  • 03/05/2023 09:03 - 04/05/2023 05:00
  • Last Updated 07/06/2023 12:36

VX will be conducting maintenance in Telehouse London. While we expect no service disruption, this is a notification to make you aware

Network Issue - Wivenhoe (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Wivenhoe Connectivity

  • 04/12/2022 12:26 - 12/06/2023 09:02
  • Last Updated 09/12/2022 08:41

We are aware of a internet conenction issue affecting the Wivenhoe customer base. We are working with third parties to diagnose and resolve this as soon as possible.


We apologise for any inconvience caused and will keep you updated.

04/12/2022 - 16:10pm - Update - We are still experiencing issues with one of our Upstream Providers. To mitigate this we have put in a temporary solution to bring connectivity backup. We will update you once we have more information from the Upstream Provider.

04/12/2022 - 17:52pm - Update - Our upstream provider has now resolved the issue affecting services. We will be monitoring the service over the next few hours to ensure everything is stable before removing the temporary fixture. If you face any further issues over the next few hours please email with the site or service you are trying to use so we can use this for diagnostic purposes.

Power Issue (Resolved) Critical

Affecting Other - Network

  • 27/09/2022 09:30 - 27/09/2022 19:25
  • Last Updated 03/10/2022 19:25

Please be advised we are aware of a power issue affecting customers connected to our Queen Street node. UKPN are currently onsite trying to restore the power.


A further update will be supplied as soon as possible.

Network Outages (Resolved) Critical

Affecting System - Network

  • 09/06/2022 11:45
  • Last Updated 10/06/2022 19:45

We are aware of network outages in the area. Network engineers are working to resolve the issue.


Next update expected in 1 hour

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